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5-weeks to Influence with Impact
Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results:
  •  Our May Studio is NOW CLOSED. The next series begins in August - Stay tuned!
  •  100% Focused on PRACTICAL, MEASURABLE RESULTS - A proven in-depth methodology with strategies you can implement immediately. Our goal is you receive 5-10X return from the Elegant Leaders Studio
  •  Have greater Leadership Disciplines, Habit & Perceptions - How one small change can make a huge difference
  •  How to Influence With Impact - Proven strategies to win the game of influence and impact your team and organization
  •  9 Messages that Mobilize and Engage - Understand the factors that drive engagment and how-to implement an improvment proven plan with each person 
  •  7 Levels of Communication and as a        BONUS: How to Resolve Conflict Simply and Powerfully
  •  LIfetime Access and Unlimited Support - Once you join any of our programs, our relationship never ends - you're always a Member of our Community. Attend LIVE monthly online workshops, Q&A's, assessments, courses and more...
  •  Be uplifted, challenged and encouraged by a highly engaged community of passionate business professionals who won’t let you quit on your goals.
Communicate Simply and Powerfully
From developing a strategy to strengthening relationships, gaining clarity and staying grounded to moving forward, Elegant Leaders communicate simply and powerfully.
Engage and Mobilize Employees
Focus on your most important relationships, develop messages that engage and mobilize, how-to personalize your leadership to the individual, and how you can be better.
Creating a High Performance Culture
Create a culture that performs and exceeds expectations - focused on what you can control and on what you choose to tolerate - like a chocolate fountain flowing into each tier.
  • 100% Focused on PRACTICAL, MEASURABLE RESULTS - A proven in-depth methodology with            strategies you can implement immediately. Our goal is you receive 5-10X return from the Elegant Leaders Studio
  • Learn how to lead with greater communication and engagement 
  • We'll show you how to build powerful relationships with practical strategies to gain leverage
  •  THE STUDIO IS NOW CLOSED - next opening date will be in August. Reg. Price $997
    • BONUS #1: FREE Personalized Strategy Sesssion
    • BONUS #2: FREE Copy of the 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage ebook
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    Who Should Attend?
    Current Leaders and those who want to create positive change to Lead Elegantly with Voltage. If you're willing to invest in yourself to make a definitive change, to lead others more effectively and take actionable steps; If you want to join a community of highly seasoned, accomplished, and intelligent professionals from around the world; receive in-depth guidance, coaching, and processes to build and elevate your leadership foundation — all from proven cases from real clients we've taught, then
    Elegant Leaders Deliver Results That Matter
    •  Simple - Elegant Leaders distill imperfect information to make the greatest impact  
    •  Powerful - Elegant Leaders create a better, stronger future 
    •  Practical - Elegant Leaders move things forward by taking action on what will work, and
    •  Graceful - Elegant Leaders are refined and resilient working towards goals while strengthening relationships 
    The May Studio is now closed
    Claim your spot in the August studio
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